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Central Market - Poulsbo, WA


This local retailer was looking to achieve multiple objectives: to improve the flow of customers through the store, to upgrade its general appearance giving each department its own character, and to blaze a trail in terms of energy efficiency.

We isolated our own objectives in terms of lighting, which were to concentrate light on the vertical plane, increasing the existing illuminance to 50fc, and to introduce energy efficient sources, with compact fluorescent for ambient light and 35w ceramic metal halide sources for accent. This was the first challenge for the Client given their former reliance on PAR38 sources.

Moreover, to our Client’s enormous credit, and with the assistance of the Lighting Design Lab and Better Bricks, we persuaded them to increase the quantity of skylights in the store and install dimming controls on fixtures in the fresh produce and dry goods departments. These are linked to photocells for the purpose of daylight harvesting so that together with the compact fluorescent and metal halide sources this allowed us to meet our target levels of illuminance for these areas while saving – compared with the existing system - an estimated 35,000kWh per year.

Meanwhile, subtly changing light levels define different departments as do the selection in terms of appearance of ambient fixtures.

Along with positive feedback from customers the Client has seen an increase in sales as a result of the remodel, which together with their savings is notable reward for their innovation thinking and bravery.


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